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TINIG NG MARINO news article, Mar-Apr 2012: Philsafe Marine Services Brings Enterprises Shipping & Trading to the Philippines
Apr 20, 2012

A new but very promising player in the local maritime industry is ushering something that a number of upstart manning companies have not been able to do in recent years – bring in a virgin foreign principal to the Philippines.

Philsafe Marine Services, Inc., which officially obtained its recruitment license from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) in the first week of March 2012, is trailblazing a modern path towards crewing excellence by bringing in Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A. from Athens, Greece to the Philippines.

Enterprises Shipping & Trading is a leading provider of ship management services including technical management, crew management, insurance arrangement and risk management, accounting, provisions procurement, newbuilding consultancy, and vessel sale and purchase consultancy. It has been in the business since 1973.

Enterprises Shipping & Trading currently has 90 vessels under its management roster including 66 bulk carriers, 22 tankers, and two (2) reefers. These vessels are being manned by Eastern European crew. The company expects an increase in its fleet of vessels as 20 more vessels are under construction in shipbuilding yards in different parts of the world.

And to effectively infiltrate the chartering market in Asia, Enterprises has engaged in a joint venture with a Singapore-based, newly formed company, Universal Overseas Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd. This Singaporean-based company will have five bulk carriers scheduled for delivery in the month of March. And as it was with Enterprises, has appointed Philsafe as her manning agency for the full crew compliment of the vessels. Combining the vessels of Enterprises and Universal, this will be a Herculean effort for Philsafe to man the number of vessels in such a short span. The management of Philsafe is confident however that the task is manageable and the goal, being surmountable.

Going back to Enterprises Shipping & Trading, most of her vessels are fixed with charterers either for a fixed period of time or on a voyage charter basis. It is also for this reason that the company has somewhat been insulated for the current downturn that most other shipowning and ship management companies in the world are experiencing these days.

It has been the company’s strategy to maintain long-term business relationships with major charterers by providing quality service at competitive rates while continuously expanding and modernizing its managed fleet of vessels to constantly open up and explore business diversification opportunities.

From merely managing a fleet of ocean-going reefers when it broke ground in the business in 1973, the specialty of Enterprises Shipping & Trading expanded to include bulk and container vessels for worldwide transportation, flawless management and operations of modern tankers, and even cruise ships at several points in time in its rich history.

Through the experience, dedication, innovation, vision, best management practices, competent people, the company has earned a market reputation for excellence in the provision of ship management services. The numerous awards, citations, and certifications from prestigious organizations and certifying bodies can attest to the excellence of Enterprises Shipping & Trading.

But when the company was introduced to the Philippine maritime industry and the Filipino seafarers by the very same people who paved way for the birth of Philsafe Marine Services, it did not take long before Enterprises Shipping & Trading finally was convinced to having competent and world-class Filipino seafarers manning its vessels, like most other vessels of major shipowning companies in the world these days.

By bringing in Enterprises Shipping & Trading, Philsafe Marine Services is actually opening new employment opportunities for competent and qualified Filipino seafarers. “We are not just offering shipboard jobs, we are offering new shipboard jobs to Filipino seafarers because these positions used to be occupied by Eastern Europeans,” says Engr. Ricardo N. Galvez Jr., President and General Manager of Philsafe Marine Services, Inc.

Philsafe Marine Services, Inc. has just opened its new offices at the 2nd and 3rd floors of Jemarson Building along Pilar Hidalgo Lim Street in Malate, Manila. Having just obtained its license from the POEA, the company is now officially sourcing and screening competent and qualified Filipino officers and ratings to man an initial 10 vessels of Enterprises Shipping & Trading from March up to the end of the year.

“Given the situation in the local manning industry plus the fact that we are starting basically from scratch, it is quite a challenge for Philsafe Marine Services to be given a formidable task of providing the crewing requirements of 10 vessels in a year. But we believe that we can do it. We'll just take it one vessel at a time. Enterprises Shipping & Trading is confident that we can deliver on our commitment and we will do just that,” points out Engr. Galvez.

“Initially, we are looking at providing the manning requirements of two vessels of Enterprises Shipping & Trading every month beginning this March 2012 and we hope to sustain it until the end of the year. Thus far, we are getting good responses from a number of experienced, qualified, well-trained, and competent Filipino officers and ratings so we are definitely on target,” he added.

A Quality Shipmanagement Company

Philsafe Marine Services is also proud of the fact that it has a dependable, reliable and quality shipmanagement company for a foreign principal in Enterprises Shipping & Trading.

As a niche tanker management company, the vessels of Enterprises Shipping & Trading have all delivered its cargoes of crude oil and other related products on time in the safest manner possible, while ensuring the protection of the marine environment as well as the safety and health of its seafarers, and the public too.

All its tankers are of modern double-hull tonnage, servicing the needs of oil majors and traders through long-term relationships either on spot or time-charter markets.

Through the quality and professionalism of the teams ashore and onboard, continuous training, pre-emptive management and follow-up procedures, Enterprise Shipping & Trading continuously strives to attain high utilization rates for the managed fleet while minimizing risks normally associated with oil transport.

The quality management system of Enterprises Shipping & Trading is certified in accordance with the quality standards of ISO 9001. It is also committed towards the protection of and enhancement of the marine environment by prioritizing continuous improvement of its overall environmental performance and minimizing the overall environmental impact on its activities which is evident with its zero spills at sea record.

Backing the remarkable environmental improvement record of Enterprises Shipping & Trading is its Environmental Management System that is in accordance with ISO 14001 standards. It constantly reviews and revises this environmental management system to ensure that it runs parallel to the objectives and targets identified in the company’s environmental review plan and program. Enterprises Shipping & Trading is committed to comply not just with local laws and legislations but all other international conventions and regulations geared towards the protection and the promotion of the marine environment.

The company has likewise been certified with a four-star EFQM Recognized for Excellence Certificate since 2006 as well as the Silver Bee Certificate since 2008 by the European Business Ethics Network, and with the Gold Bee Certificate since 2009.

Enterprises Shipping & Trading also conforms to the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment 18001 standards and has been provided with the relevant certificate for such. The company aims to excel on all its fields of endeavours so it gives premium importance to the health, safety, and well-being of its staff, both onshore and at sea.

It is also a company policy to require all employees to comply with relevant health and safety legislation, codes and standards, and established good practices as well as company’s policies and procedures.

Being the exclusive manning agent of Enterprises Shipping & Trading in the Philippines, Philsafe Marine Services, Inc. is committed to pattern its operational policies and standards with its Athens-based foreign principal.

Thus, shore-based staff and Filipino seafarers who will officially join Philsafe Marine Services could only expect good things ahead as far as rewarding careers and better future are concerned...TINIG NG MARINO, Mar-Apr 2012 issue

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